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it start at 5:00 a.m. eastern. at's just a couple hours from now. >> have a good evening. good morning to you today. it's friday, september 3rd. breaking now, hurricane earl striking the east coach. waves up to 20 feet high. we have live reports up and down the east coast and the latest track. >> take a look at this picture here. 13 workers floating in the gulf after another rig fire. now look closely. the workers, well, short one life preserver. so they formed a human chain to help the guy stay afloat. nicely done. >> wow! and the president another stimulus plan. have we even spent all the money from the first stimulus plan.
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"fox and friends" starts right now. good morning to you. you know, the headlines, you can look at any newspaper this morning and they all say the same thing. hurricane earl haying its way up to the northeast this morning. >> so we're on early. an hour early. >> right now hurricane earl is pounding north carolina. it's downgraded right now -- this is good news -- to a category 2 storm but still packing winds up to 105 mph now. we have live team coverage for you this morning. janice tracking the path but let's go to rick leventhal first in montaup, new york. >> conditions here pretty mild right now. no rain's fallen here in montauk. the beaches were closed all day
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thursday. expect them to be closed all day friday and into saturday as well. we expect bad weather to hit here sometime later this morning, perhaps midday until 10:00, 11:00 tonight. they're talking about rainfall and winds in the tropical storm range but certainly the big story about earl is he is not going to become one of the greatest hits in montauk, not one of the hurricanes of that made landfall here and that's great news for the folks up and down the east coast, guys. >> what are the big concerns there right now, rick? >> well, one of the big concerns is beach erosion with this churning surf shopping stuff off. the other big concern is people going into the water. all the beaches are closed but they don't have enough lifeguards to man all the 17 miles of beach in the eastham ton township alone. here's more from the town supervisor. >> there's so many tourists in this area and so many non-residents. they don't have an understanding
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of the sea conditions a lot of local people have just growing up here and understanding what happens with big waves, what happens with flooding, what happens with tidal surges. and so caution is the word of the day. you cannot be overcautious. i've seen too many mistakes happen out here and we don't want that to happen. >> and among those mistakes could be someone not going swimming but just going out on to the beach to look at the tremendous waves and getting sucked up in the undertow and getting pulled out and not being able to get back to shore. >> rick, it's mike jerrick here. yesterday on the jersey shore i saw people out there surfing in it though but lifeguards are warning families and along the coast, the eastern coast, the kids wanna get in the water but the rip tides are rough. >> yeah, they are. and no kids should be in the water. but surfers can according to the town officials because the boards are flotation devices and
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most are experienced in rough weather and good swimmers. and the surfers themselves love this. this is what they look forward to. we had interesting conversations with some of them yesterday on the beach. i don't know if we have that interview but it's pretty compelling stuff if you listen. >> usually when your muscles are cramping up it's a good time to quit but i was talk to my friend the other day and said you have to push through that. i don't know. >> what about conditions, when are conditions bad enough you get out? >> i don't think there is one. >> that's your name? >> rick. i don't think there's a condition i wouldn't go out. you gotta try out. you gotta scare yourself every day. that's how we do it so -- >> be careful, all right? >> i'll try. >> we'll do it. that's how we roll! >> i like the fact he didn't want to include his name. >> it was a nice drama moment but the point being despite the rough conditions they were out
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in it and they were surfing in it and doing a pretty good job of it from what i could tell. what we're hearing is from noon onward and later in the afternoon we're expecting we could get gusts 30, 40, perhaps 50 mph. the weather department can weigh in on that. we don't think it's going to get much worse than that. by the way, the weekend is supposed to be tremendously great. mid to high 70s saturday, sunday, monday. it's gonna be fantastic. you might not be able to go out in the water but the weather's going to be great. all these beach communities hope people see the forecast and still come out. >> we'd hate to ruin your hamptons sunday and monday. >> thank you. >> a lot of people don't know that though. back home people don't know really. they call it the hamptons. they don't realize montauk is -- a lot of people go there
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for the holiday weekend. >> the end. >> the end. for your report this time, rick. >> i'll be back in an hour. >> let's get to janice dean because she knows what she's talking about when it comes to earl. >> and rick looks perfect. >> he's the man. >> they're going to feel tropical storm force gusts in the next several hours but a lot of people i think are breathing a sigh of relief because this storm did not take a direct hit on hatteras, even though they're getting heavy rain. just got the latest advisory at the national hurricane center at 5 a.m.. still at a category 2 storm. winds haven't changed 105 mph, gusting to 125. moving north-northeast. eventually we'll see it as a trough that's going to bring us that beautiful weather this weekend. a trough is going to pick this storm up and turn it out to sea. the pressure has risen 955 mill
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ibars. i want to tell you where this storm is going to go within the next 24 hours. there we are as we head further out in time to around 3 p.m. just offshore here of eastern long island and then as we go into friday night, there's boston, cape cod and the islands. it looks like this storm is just going to brush them which is really great news. there was concern they were going to take a direct hit but we're fairly confident now this is not going to be impacting cape cod and the islands like it could have been yesterday. so there's your path again as of 5 a.m. and the bulk of this storm really staying offshore which is great news, not to say we're not going to see the effects of the storm surge, rain, gusty winds. kind of like a nor'easter. this is what earl should be and thank goodness, just a bit of a sigh of relief this morning.
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>> all my friends are so excited that they're still getting to go on vacation. >> oh, yeah! >> and i'm happy. i'm happy because no one will blame me for a bad weekend. >> that's right, that's true. >> i know! lovely to see you. i just adore you. >> you look fantastic -- >> oh, stop it. >> kisses! >> big hug, group hug. the rest of your headlines and a fox news alert. moments ago four concourses at miami international airport just reopened after a bomb scare forced an overnight evacuation there. right now a passenger is in custody after screeners found a suspicious item in a checked bag. no details have been released yet. the bomb squad has been on the scene since 9:30 even time last night. and mexico's army says it has killed 27 suspected gunmen for a drug cartel after a fire fight near the town of ciudad mier.
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72 people were gunned down last week. the gulf drug cartels and the -- are engaged in bloody warfare for control of the drug-smuggling routes throughout that area. and new details on that oil rig fire in the gulf of mexico. rig owner mariner energy said the flames were the result of a fire, not an explosion. the coast guard said there was no leak. no word what caused that fire. this all happened 200 miles west of the deep water horizon explosion. now take a look at this picture. this is the one mike was telling us the top of the hour. this is just amazing video or pictures at least. all 13 workers here floating in the gulf. now take a closer look at the right part of your screen. do you see that, the workers were short one life preserver so they formed a human chain around the guy to help him stay afloat. they were rescued without any injury. after the deep water horizon,
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people lost their lives so when you see that picture of them, the chain of them surviving, pretty incredible. >> the odd number, the 13th. that would be me. we all jump in. what did i forget! >> the nice guy, the guy that gave up his life preserver. that would be you. we're glad they're all alive. >> in my ear, tell me how -- i haven't done fox news except with last sunday. do i go with the prommor or what's in my ear. >> you go with what's in your head. >> horse goes into a bar, bartender says why the long face -- that could be an example of stimulus package money being used to create jokes at northwest university. a professor there got almost $800,000 in stimulus money -- $700,000 in stimulus money to create jokes. he's creating a machine at northwestern university that will create jokes.
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in other words, a software that will help you with your funny. >> and he's known as the jokey professor. not the nutty professor. and he's gotten -- the program is called computationnal activity. building a model -- (laughter) >> a lot of people aren't finding this funny. a lot of people aren't finding this funny. you have lawmakers -- all these people are losing jobs and we're spending our stimulus money to create this. so john mccain, obviously not happy about it, doesn't find it funny -- this is number 36 on his list of the top 100 most wasteful stimulus projects. why do we need to pay for a joke machine when we already have congress. >> well professor christian hammond of northwest university say they're trying to create
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programs that mikalena nau how people think when searching for information when created original, sometimes funny -- >> supposed to help with your cognitive thinking, right? >> i think when you're working on the computer and you're trying to search for something, it's automatically going to search for you and find that information without you having to ask for it. eliminate searches -- >> google and stuff like that? >> right. >> some of the resorts and comic clubs and things like that so it will be very good. >> why did the tomato blush? it saw salad dressing. >> jamaica 'cause you're making me crazy. i'm contacting northwestern. >> i thought that was funny, mike. i thought that was excellent. >> thank you, peter. >> you might ask what that
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$700,000 will be spent for. obviously to create this but a three-year grant, funds four full-time jobs, pays for equipment, pays for tuition i guess for those four people. >> now in my pajamas, other than that -- (laughter) >> i think we need to go to commercial or something. what's going on here? >> four hours of this. >> can't wait. (laughter) >> the naacp and some left-leaning groups launched a new website to discredit the tea party movement. very suspicious timing. after the break. >> video of the police capture. ♪
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the naacp along with three liberal media sites are forming to find racialism among the tea party movement but is it politically motivated just in time for the november elections. we're joined by our panel angela mcglouen and fox news contributor kirstin powers and journal columnist john fund. angela, is this igniting the flames of racism in this country by this tea party, an ingenious combination of media matters and the caacp. >> this is just a prime example of liberals using ratings to win
5:18 am
elections. they are trying to soften the blow from the november win. i believe the republicans are gonna take over. peter, i'm a former congressional candidate that was supported by the tea party movement. i've spoken at 16 tea party events and i can tell you i have not heard any type of racial comments, racial slurs or calling obama the monkey president or kill the president. i've not heard any of that. they were very civil. >> how does this engage in almost a form of vigilanteism against tea party members. >> i don't see how it's vigilanteism. these are media followers. there's not wrong with that. if there's racist things going on and they want to highlight it, i think those in the party want that to happen so they can basically denounce it, tell people to stop doing this. >> do you believe the tea party's race snift. >> no. but i believe there are people in the tea party that are racist.
5:19 am
a big difference. a similar thing when people say sometimes i've criticized certain republicans for being racist -- and they say oh, you think all republicans are racist. i didn't say that. >>, we call on the tea party to repudiate extremists among their ranks and join in civil dialogue with all americans. now, civil dialogue is an important element of american life, john fund. is this part of the civil dialogue to post pictures of tea party ralliers and call upon them and say you're a racist. you're on this website, you're a racist. should americans be exposed to that. >> we're not going to have this over the next 59 days. this is an election season. there's a lot of silly stuff. these people have the right to do all the media tracking they want. let's go to a witness. mary frances barry was appointed
5:20 am
by clinton. she's a staunch democratic. she said there's no evidence the tea party's anymore racist than any other republicans or other americans. getting them to distance themselves from people should help democrats win in november. having to rebut charges of racism is far better than discussing joblessness. in about two hours -- >> the last point on that, we'll come back on that. thank you all. we're going to be right back with the political panel and stick around to weigh in on this. have you seen it, the news week cover with president obama's picture alongside the worst terrorist, war monger. remember this toddler. he quit and he did it in an unconventional way.
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♪ >> in just about three hours the labor department releases the jobs reports for august. economists are forecasting a loss of more than 100,000 jobs. progress in the latest round of middle east peace talks. israel prime minister and mahmoud ahmadinejad have agreed to meet every two weeks now. peter? >> take a look at the latest cover of news week. it shows a picture of the president atop a list of some words like wall street loving, social list tick and godness. but if you look closely, you might notice the fine print at the bottom which says the president isn't actually any of these things. so what's the point really of this cover? back with our political panel,
5:25 am
angela, kirstin and john. what's the point of this, kirstin isn't that they're accusing republicans, fox news of perpetuating lies about president obama. you tell me what the point of this article is. >> the point of the cover i think -- it's a brilliant cover because it shows the contradictions of all the different things obama is supposed to be. one hand socialist, one on wall street, raid cal muslim -- >> what does that mean though? >> the point how he is perceived and covered in this country is just so out of control. >> another tea party fact? you have the tea party on the pan this morning -- >> no, i don't think it's the tea party. if you look at the socialists
5:26 am
and wall street coddlers, coddlers are on the left. >> i have a 20% rule. 20% american people believe just about anything. 20% believe elvis is alive. 20% of the people believe barack obama might be a muslim. if you're 20%, who knows what they believe. if you get above 20%, get above 50%, then you have a political problem. president obama on one of those things has a political problem. stand greenberg who was a pollster found 55% of americans think obama is leading this country to social direction and that includes a third of democrats. >> but there's an issue on the muslim christian question. >> because they -- >> from the -- being from the bible belt -- being from the bible belt there's a perception there's a christianity problem, that obama is a muslim. the first amendment, peter, they have every right -- >> but is that good --
5:27 am
>> what do you mean -- (talking over one another) >> are you say being from the -- >> no, i said there is a perception. i didn't say being from the bible belt. i didn't say i believe that but there is a perception out there -- >> based on what though? >> we should not -- we should not let this dominate our -- 20% of people believe president bush knew about 9/11. we shouldn't pay attention to those people either. a majority of people in america think obama's taking -- >> the question, do the headlines like this help political discourse or divide us. >> help or divide? >> it helps. >> what do you say? >> gives attention to views that shouldn't be talked about. >> smart people. thank you for being with us. we'll see you back later in the show. is the storm intended for your area? our next guest has some much-needed advice.
5:28 am
angie hix. things you should know as the storm moves up the coast. crash course in golf. warming up with former president george w. bush this morning. we're going to check out his progress on before he tees off. ú
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alright you guys, it's now time for the results of the homecoming queen election. the second attendant is... denise willard! [cheering and applause] the first attendant is... katie higgins! [cheering and applause] and now, your homecoming queen is... ok, here we go... becca winegar! [cheering and applause] ♪ what makes you different, makes you beautiful...♪ ♪ what's there inside you, shines through to me. ♪
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if you're just waking up, hurricane earl has made landfall. right now it's pounding north carolina. it's undergraded now to a category 2 storm but emergency officials are still keeping a close eye on the storm making sure the response teams are ready. >> what's gonna happen here in a short time is people are gonna have to take shelter where they are. and ride this thing through the night. so we hope everybody's in a good, safe place. >> the hurricane is now moving up the eastern seaboard. a warning and state of emergency has now been expanded to massachusetts. >> so my name is earl and i'm a hurricane. and here's janice dean. so it's a cat 2. could it grow in strength again, janice? >> no. it's a very large hurricane that's going to affect a lot of folks but we're not expecting this to strengthen any further, especially since it's getting into cooler waters and accelerating. this thing is going to barrel
5:33 am
towards atlantic canada the next 24 hours. it's still very large and we're still going to see the effects of hurricane force winds across the outer banks, that eastern north carolina, and then cape cod and the islands could see some hurricane force winds as we get into the overnight tonight. but 105 mph sustained winds, 85 miles east of cape hatteras and it is a category 2 storm. it's expected to maybe be bumped down a little bit in the next advisory, around 8 a.m. hurricane hunters flying through this and giving the latest cord nants on the storm. up eastern north carolina up towards virginia beach and the chesapeake bay. d.c., you're going to get a few raindrops within the next several hours but all in all the center of this storm is going to remain offshore which is the best case scenario we could have asked for. still see 3 to 4, isolated 5
5:34 am
inches of rain across eastern north carolina and a couple inches as we ride up the coast. certainly see tropical storm force winds but kind of like a nor'easter and the northeast is accustoms to nor'easters. thank goodness not a direct hit but we're going to monitor it as it continues to move. we'll see a lot of rain, especially the outer banks, cape cod and the islands are going to take a hit as well. >> are we out of the woods now far hurricane season? >> oh, gosh, no. >> november is the end of it. >> we've storms rolling off the coast of africa. i'll show you all the features out there in the atlantic brewing. >> november 30th the -- >> the peak middle of september. >> how do you prepare for a storm like earl and protect your family and house and pets and everything else. >> here to help us go over all the tips. we go to her website all the time and here she is, the
5:35 am
founder of angie's list. thanks for being with us. first and foremost, mike wantedto know if you were married to craig of craigslist. >> i am not, i am not. >> that's a shame. we're talking about hurricane peaks and haven't even hit the peak. we're going into hurricane season. what do we need to do to prepare. >> all about getting your house in good condition. don't skimp on maintenance. you end up with a lot of wind damage when a hurricane comes through. loose shingles, gutter problems. tree limbs that are dead. those can be very dangerous when a storm comes in. if you're right at the hurricane, keeping about hurricane shutters, everything. batten down the hatches. >> you're not saying we should be getting up on the roof right now. >> no, no. kind of past that point. this one it's all about getting everyone to safety. exactly. >> the point you make, the
5:36 am
persons and pets come first before anything. talk about that. >> absolutely. at this point in the game it's all about giving yourself, your family, your pets to safety. we can always rebuild a house, take care of the damage there but let's get everybody to safety first. >> once you see these storms, tornados, people's paperwork just flying everywhere because -- what do you do with it, angie? >> you've got important documents you think you're gonna need, have it in a place you can readily access it. if you're evacuating the area, try to take it with you so getting those things organized so they're easy to grab on your way out. >> after hurricane "katrina," we know you need insurance. flood insurance. what's your recommendation there? >> if you're prone to hurricanes, you want the right coverage for your property. that way you don't find out later you didn't have the coverage you needed, didn't have the flood insurance because that
5:37 am
can be very disappointing to homeowners. so getting with your insures agent, reviewing your policy. make sure you're covered. >> angie, what are hatches and how do you batten them down. i've always heard that term and i don't know what is it. is that a ship term? >> everything, put the patio furniture away. if you have hurricane shutters, get them closed. >> tightened down. what if you don't have a hatch. there is no hatch in my house. >> if you don't have a hatch, you don't need to worry about that in particular but worry about the patio furniture. right, right. >> if he goes on the roof and falls off, we know we go to your website to find a doctor. thanks, angie! nice to see you. now for your headlines and the fox news alert. a homicide bomber has attacked a mosque in northwest pakistan, at
5:38 am
least one person's been killed. this is the taliban and pakistan claiming responsibility for three deadly bombings. at least 35 people were killed in the blast and 250 were injured. the attacks happened during a shiite muslim street procession. thousands of mourners attended funerals for the victims and the blasts are the first major attacks in pakistan since the deadly flooding ravaged that country. explosives found and debt nated at the home of that gunman at the discovery channel headquarters. james lee entered the building wednesday before he was killed by police. officials now say that he also had started -- or he had pistols when he -- >> starter pistols. >> what's a starter -- >> the gun goes off and the runner takes off. >> he terrorized the workers and it was not a handgun apparently. and we now know in 2003 lee was
5:39 am
convicted and in prison for smuggling illegal immigrants in the u.s. from mexico. in his onlinemanfest tow, he lashed out about illegal immigrants. >> police remove several bear cubs in a house in colorado. just one of several incidents involving several different bears who -- i shouldn't say who -- bears are -- >> for that? >> different bears who left the woods and were seen roaming the city's left side. colorado springs. two cubs broke into the house during the day while their mother waited outside. i read this story once when i was a child. (laughter) >> i don't remember this! (laughter) >> not the ending though. >> there was no tranquilizer used in that story book but tranquilizers were used in this case and everything turned out fine in colorado springs. >> in a few hours brian is going to hit the golf course with
5:40 am
former president bush. let's take a look how he's been preparing for the big event. >> so if you're gonna golf with president bush, what better place to get the rules of the game down, the lay of the land and go into the club his grandfather belonged to and his dad grew up in here in greenwich, connecticut, the round hill country club and who better to talk to than tom henderson, the zen master of the game. how often have you played? woops! >> five times. two rounds of golf. >> gesh. safe to say you don't have a handicap. >> my handicap is my game. >> okay. >> how much can you dedicate to practicing? >> i think it's a matter of hours. even more than days. >> do you wanna be a student or do you wanna be a patient? >> right now we're emt's. the ambulance siren is going off. >> 99% of your weight should be on your front foot. should be able to tap your toe
5:41 am
here. >> let's take an inventory. most of the weight on the front foot. let's get this a little more weight like that. now, if you show this finish to the president, he'll say this guy's a player. >> where we going? >> on the golf course. we're gonna try. that one will do, right. this is why you bring more than one ball. >> there you go, brian. >> i actually thought it went a little further but good eye on your part, tom. >> middle of the fair way. very nice. >> hey, right into ya. ♪ >> some good distance control right there, brian. excellent putt. >> this is a wonderful moment
5:42 am
but it's going to be horrifying for the former president. >> this is crazy. >> he really doesn't know how to play golf. he's playing with the former president. how does that happen? >> going to be an inspiring story. it really is. looking for karl whethers there now. the rocky tune. and that's fantastic. >> but it's going to take eight to ten hours to play these 18 holes if they're really going to play 18 holes. brian can't play. >> he tells me he's been watching dorff video with tim conway. he's watching it on a loop. (laughter) >> he's going to use a four all the way. >> brian's going to be with us live. >> with the president. >> before their round. >> and greg norman is going to call in, the great golfer to give brian tips over the phone. last-second tips because he's in trouble. >> watch president bush wrestle brian to the ground. >> and on a cruise, gretchen
5:43 am
coming in at 6:00 for more of the hurricane coverage. >> i think i'm steve, you're brian. but do you wanna be steve? >> we all wanna be steve. >> i don't know. would you rather be on a cruise or playing golf with the president? >> the trouble with the cruise, the cruise is in the line of earl. >> that's right. >> oh, my god, he's getting up. >> labor day weekend, gonna be big at the box office. courtney here next with a sneak peek. >> and a smoking toddler. just kicked the habit. how he went from two packs of smokes a day to smoke free. >> you better not quit smoking, you're gonna put on weight. (laughter)
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5:46 am
14 minutes before the hour. new video of a stun gun hardly wrong on the set of transformers 3. a cable snapped and flew through a windshield smacking a woman in the head unfortunately.
5:47 am
today she's in critical condition. now, remember this indonesian toddler who smoked 40 cigarettes a day. the two-year-old has finally kicked the habit. the indonesian government helped him by providing months of therapy, including extra play time, and it claims it cured the boy's addiction. that's fantastic. i'm happy. >> i can't see that. >> he's like a pro. looks like he's been doing it for years. thank you, peter. holiday weekends great for many reasons. two in particular, getting away and seeing some movies. which new releases are worth your ten bucks? ten! it's like 17 here. >> courtney live in the news room with some suggestions for movies. >> hey, good morning, guys. happy friday. this summer movie season comes to a close this weekend with three new films.
5:48 am
long distance relationships, starring at the box office. believe it or not, the film everybody's talking about, lindsay lohan actually has a role in one of these films. plays a nearly naked gun-toting nun in the machete. people are wondering whether this performance can resuscitate her career. she was banned from the red carpet premier. the director called her awesome and he can definitely expect his cult following to support this film. >> it's no holds barred violence as director robert rodriguez turns a 2007 fake trailer into a movie with machete. the blood-soaked concept first made its debut with its double feature planet terror grind house. now it's the full length exploitation flick with a
5:49 am
mexican taking matters into his own hands. >> i'm going to find him and bring him to you. >> and he's joined by weapon-wielding michelle rodriguez, jessica alba and lindsay lohan. george clooney springs into action as the american playing an assassin trying to complete his last job in a small italian town. >> why not? >> but as he struggles to change his lifestyle, the syndicate has other plans. >> are you dating? are you in an exclusive relationship? >> i don't know. >> drew barrymore explores the ups and downs of long distance relationships with their romantic comedy going the distance. drew and dustin are a real on-life couple so they have chemistry on the scene. just a little raunchy.
5:50 am
the movie rated "r" for the jokes and humor. the perfect date flick for the college crowd. let's check out an air conditioned movie theater for those three movies. back to you guys. >> we'll do it. >> peter johnson says the american stinks. >> very interesting because they held that movie from the press until the last minute. >> never a good sign. should they be able to tear it down, a condo or something like that. happening to some families because of a loophole in the law. our guest explaining when we come back. we're talking eminent domain.
5:51 am
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5:53 am
the city of montgomery,
5:54 am
alabama, looking to tear down what it considers blighted run-down homes. but that plan is coming under fire. critics calling the move unfair. the director of activist and institute for justice joins us live. explain what happens with regard to rosa parks' home. >> good morning. this is an outrageous abuse of imminent domain. the city is engaging in ai systematic program to tear down an entire neighborhood. about this isn't an ordinary neighborhood. rosa parks used to live here. >> wow! houses already coming down, christina? >> hundreds of homes are come down. what happens is the city is targeting low income and african american homeowners. they decided they just don't like their homes demanding that the property owners tear down their homes. if the owners refuse to do so, the city comes and demolishes them for them, doesn't compensate them for the loss of
5:55 am
their property and sends them the bill. >> is this one of those classic cases of, well, the city wants to bring in some high-end development here, maybe fancy restaurants, condos and stuff. let's get rid of the crumbier looking houses? >> we imagine that's so. they're trying to confiscate as much property in this neighborhood as possible without having to pay for it. but this isn't a country where you can just knock down people's homes and not compensate them. what's worse, if the property owner can't pay for the demolition, the city sells off the land to a private developer. >> one woman has apparently lost her entire home filled with family heirlooms and furnishings and now they want to bill her for the demolition. that's right. if she can't afford to pay for her demolition, her land now vacant will be sold off to an auction. >> what's going on to help these homeowners there in montgomery?
5:56 am
>> the institute for justices job is empower these property owners who so far felt scared naturally and powerless. we empower them and educate them with the knowledge they can fight city hall and win. we're in the process now of identifying victims of this abuse of power so we can mobilize them and make their voices heard. >> thank you for being with us. by the way, watching karen jones and her situation. karen's going to be on our show live with us on monday. thank you, christina. >> thank you. >> u.s. cheerleaders, the dance teams ordered to cover up, wear pants just to give a nod to islam. we'll explain that straight ahead. >> and plus tracking the storm, hurricane earl churning up the east coast and fast. we have complete coverage at the top of the hour in just a few minutes.
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>> good morning, everyone. today is friday, september 3, 2010. thanks for sharing your time

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